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Zerico Lifescience P. Ltd. is a dynamic and fast emerging pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai-India. The company is focused on Marketing of innovative and quality products in a cost effective manner to help people lead healthier lives.

Zerico Lifescience with its impressive standing in the Pharma Industry for the last 10 years is committed to excellence in health care. Zerico Lifescience is an Ethical, Transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with progressive out look.The dedicated approach of Zerico Lifescience has made available a range of innovative, value added, evidence based products for the ailing patients.

Zerico Lifescience's vision is to enhance the quality of life of patients by focusing on better health outcomes through our products.

About Zerico


Zerico Lifesciences aims to be a global leader in marketing of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediaries.     Read More...


At Zerico Lifesciences, quality is not by mere chance, but is the result of systematic.     Read More...

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Zerico Lifesciences track record of development, particularly in the area of improved cost-beneficial.    Read More...


Zerico Lifesciences has intended to develop a good marketing network of world-class by investing.   Read More...


Zerico Lifesciences is committed to tap the market economy of pharmaceutical sector and Above all.   Read More...

Our Team

Zerico Lifesciences has a pool of personnel with high managerial and technical competence.   Read More...

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